About Us

WeTickets – Our philosophy and vision:

When you purchase a ticket for an underground event, you are lending direct support for the successful execution of the event and the community it thrives within. However, many third-party ticket platforms are too often detached from the ethos of the underground music community they provide for, commonly engaging in exploitive practices that undermine the community’s ability to sustainably support itself. This is why we’ve built We Tickets, a ticketing platform birthed by and for the underground music community.

The core intention of We Tickets is to be the community’s go-to liaison by facilitating a convenient and affordable ticketing process that benefits event producers, event talent, and event-goers. We Tickets will strengthen the community by bringing like-minded events together under a unified ticketing platform, making the process of discovering and purchasing tickets for events an effortless endeavor. Every time you purchase an event ticket through We Tickets, rest assured that all of your support is going solely to the community we all cherish and love.