Ode to Earth Giveaway

Ode to Earth Giveaway

Win 2 All Access Passes & Live the artist life
with free booze, free snacks, & backstage access!
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We Present, our third instalement of Ode to Earth:

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~Field Workshop Station~
3:00-4:00 Detox to Retox Vinyasa: A tribute to the Disco Biscuits w/ Laura Louu
4:15 – 5:15 Permission to Play w/ Julissa Hernandez
5:30 – 6:30 Guided Heart Meditation w/ Donna Luna
6:45-7:45 Open Your Heart: Sunset Yoga w/ Rachel Martin

~Mandala Canopy Station~
2:45-3:45 We Are Mother Earth – Building Community and Stewarding Our Lands w/ Eric Likhtiger
4:00-5:00 Comedy w/ Rusty Wright
5:15-6:15 Henna Basics w/ Elisa Giacona
6:20-7:00 Home-Scale Permaculture w/ Michael Muehlbauer of Sustain-a-Culture
7:00-8:00 Mindful Eating w/ Donna Luna

~Fire/Poi Workshop Station~
3:00-4:00 Intro to hooping w/ Megdala
4:15-5:15 Intro to Juggling w/ Stopherson
5:30-6:30 Fire Safety Meeting
7:00-8:00 Fans w/ Luna Niflheim

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☯ Psychedellic Art Bus
☯Two stages of music
☯ Three workshop stages
☯ Funktion-one Sound
☯ 8 Live painters
☯ 8 Profession firespinners
☯ Mandalla stretch fabric canopy
☯ Live Glassblowing
☯ Live Grafiti
☯ Yoga
☯ Blacklight reactive canvas art walk
☯ Participatory firespinning
☯ 10+ workshop’s that you’ll actually want to go to.
☯ 3d Stage Mapping w/ Rhizome NYC
☯ Spoken word
☯ Non-Profits
☯ Official Merch: SubSanctuary
☯ Media brought to you by Wook Vision Media

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Psymbionic (downtempo set)


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Bowtie Dave
Dr. Funkle
Hyperbolic Headspace
Jizzy Fra
Patrick Richards

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WizArt Visions
Joness Jones
Caren Charles Designs
John Speaker Art
Raf Mata
Harrison L.Crawford’s Artsy Puddle of Arting and Art
Mekowhy Kawon Art
Katiie Reynolds
The Art of Liz Hogan
Mooje Designs
John Bertolone Art

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❈ Livepainting inquires email ❈

———– we@wepresent.life ———-

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✾ Alli Hart ✾
✾ Sophia Balter ✾
✾ Brie Mealey ✾
✾ Joe Graff ✾
✾ Erika Bansen ✾
✾ Luna Niflheim ✾

❈ Firespinning inquires email ❈

———– allihart76@gmail.com

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❈ Workshop inquires email ❈

———- Workshops@wepresent.life

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Live Glassblowing
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◈ belfglass ~ instagram.com/belfglass/
◈ Jakespinsglass ~ instagram.com/jakespinsglass/
◈ Shipleyglass ~ instagram.com/shipleyglass/
◈ Originaltopher ~ instagram.com/originaltopher/

We’re a culture of amnesia, often times so caught up in daily life, daily routine we forget where are true values should lie. We forget there’s something more out there. We forget about the community and work for the individual. We’re blinded from the big picture, to occupied on what’s in front of us and distracted by propaganda. But there’s a feeling you only get from the community. We know you feel it when you come to our events and we know you feel it when its not there. With Ode to Earth we’re returning to our roots. We’re opening our mind’s to the bigger picture. Where we recognize a clean house infront of us, doesn’t mean a clean planet around us. Where we acknowledge that we can work together to accomplish something greater than ourselves. On this day we shall celebrate gaia, the home we share.

In this edition of Ode to Earth , we will be holding a Gofundme to be announced in the weeks to come. We’re going to build something as a community that sticks to a green future and will be enjoyed by the community at all our future events at One Art.

We will also be building a community garden April 15th from 12-5. We hope to see you there.


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